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Annual service and calibration

No matter how many or how few digital thermometers and probes (pH, ORP & EC) you have, we can arrange an annual calibration care programme tailored to your requirements.

*Specific temperature calibration points

*Arrange collection of your thermometer & probes (pH, ORP & EC)

*Multiple site locations

*Multiple types of thermometer & probes

Whatever your calibration requirements, at Hanna we will work with you to deliver fast, efficient and accurate calibration to ISO/IEC 17025:2005. See our contact page to arrange for your service.

Hanna certification explained:

Certificates of calibration – ISO 9001

Your HANNA instrument can be tested and calibrated with UKAS certified and calibrated testing devices at our UK laboratory to ISO 9001 standards. The ISO 9001 certificates of calibration are available for thermometers (0 to 90˚C), pH, ORP and EC testers. The traceable route of testing, equipment & standards used is listed on the certificate. For all other parameters, please request a certificate of conformity.


UKAS Certificate of calibration

Full UKAS two to five point calibrations are available for temperature only between the ranges of  -20˚C to 180°C. For temperatures over 90°C, the probe stem length must be a minimum of 100mm. External calibrations can be arranged for temperatures outside the -20˚C to 180°C range, please call for a price.


Certificates of conformity

Your HANNA instrument can be fully tested in our UK laboratory to make sure it is functioning correctly and recording data according to its specifications. However, direct traceability to calibrated testing equipment cannot be verified or listed. Certificates of conformity are available for photometers, refractometers and parameter testing equipment where a certificate of calibration cannot be issued.