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Scientific Equipment

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3,144.00DKK (exc. VAT)

HI-98108 pocket pHep+ pH Tester & °C

Automatic temp compensation & calibration
Accuracy @25°C - ±0.10pH
574.00DKK (exc. VAT)

HI-99192 pH & Temperature Meter for Drinking Water Analysis

Two-button operation
2 years manufacturer warranty
3,919.00DKK (exc. VAT)
5,051.00DKK (exc. VAT)

HI-981038 Bread and Dough pH Tester

0.0 to 12.00 pH Range
Accuracy ±0.05 pH
849.00DKK (exc. VAT)

HI-2002 Edge® pH Meter

Accuracy: ±0.01 pH; Range: -2.00 to 16.00 pH
2,764.00DKK (exc. VAT)

HI-99161 Handheld General Purpose Food and Dairy pH Meter

Two button operation
2 year manufacturer warranty
4,016.00DKK (exc. VAT)

HI-9124 Handheld pH Meter with Enhanced Design

Complete with pH electrode
2 year manufacturer warranty
3,859.00DKK (exc. VAT)

HI-98161 General Purpose Foodcare pH and Temperature meter

Complete with pH electrode
2 years warranty (6 months electrode)
4,567.00DKK (exc. VAT)

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3,385.00DKK (exc. VAT)
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