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HI-98509 Checktemp1 Pocket Thermometer

Includes probe with a 1m cable
Tested to EN13485 standard
303.23DKK (exc. VAT)

HI-98539 Checktemp Dip® Pocket Thermometer

Weighted probe with 3m cable Weighted probe with 3m cable
1 year manufacturer warranty 1 year manufacturer warranty
543.38DKK (exc. VAT)

HI-145-00 T-Shaped Pocket Thermometer

Water resistant case
Extra wide temperature range
354.38DKK (exc. VAT)

HI-151-00 Folding Pocket thermometer, -50.0 to +220°C

Ideal for hot & cold foods
Probe folds away for safety
456.75DKK (exc. VAT)

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8 Item(s)